Sil-Pak Soft 210cc

Sil-Pak Soft has all the features of Sil-Pak but with a shore hardness of 15 (Sil-Pak is approx 35). It is a non-bonding, skin-safe silicone packing material dispensed under a pad to seal, protect and cushion the equine foot. It totally fills and seals all void areas and prevents debris migration. Sil-Pak Soft applications are weight bearing in 2 minutes. Auto-mix cartridge system ensures consistent performance and predictable set time. These are the same cartridges as the rest of the Vettec line and require the same 210 tips.

  • Skin-Safe Liquid Silicone
  • Fast Setting Formula
  • Auto-mixed 210cc Cartridge
  • Shore 15
  • Fills and seals all voids under a pad while providing cushion against concussion and preventing debris migration
  • Contains no acids that can adversely affect sole and frog
  • Quick application, two minutes to weight bearing
  • Easy dispensing, consistent performance, predictable set times


Weight: 0.70
Shore Rating: 15
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