Vettec Sole-Guard 210cc

Sole-Guard is for use as pad/packing material. Apply directly to the sole and frog. Fast and convenient. Bonds to the foot for 2 weeks. Provides protection and support. Great for providing support for heavy, late term brood mares. Temporary protection for horses transitioning from shoes to barefoot. Can be used as a thin protective layer on the shod foot. NOTE: Sole-Guard™ is designed for use without shoes and stays bonded to the feet for 2-3 weeks of light riding (more strenuous riding may shorten this time). This technique is not recommended for use on sore, lame or very thin-soled feet.

  • Ideally used in ¼” thickness for shod applications such as endurance, trail and pack horses
  • Can be used for 2 to 3 weeks on unshod feet, or as protection for horses transitioning to barefoot
  • Soleguard sets in 30-60 seconds
  • Excellent for repairing waders and muck boots
  • Extremely durable; provides impervious protection against abrasion and sharps
  • Excellent heel support for late term brood mares
  • The most durable urethane pour-in product available
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Weight: 0.55lbs
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