Clipping Shoes Using the Edge of the Anvil

by Roy Bloom, CJF Let’s start with a few basic ideas on clips. In order for a clip to be effective it must have a stout base and taper to the tip. A rule of thumb; the clip should be proportionate to the stock. The width and height of the clip should be approximately the



Avoid Unnecessary Damage to Your Nail Puller

A significant number of crease nail pullers are returned to suppliers each year because of damage that can be avoided – not as a result of defective material or workmanship. It is possible for heat treatment or defective metal to be a problem but be sure you used your tool correctly before returning it.


Power Up: Power Cord Tips

If your tools and electric motors are getting hot and you are connecting them with an extension cord, it is a possible sign that you have the wrong gauge extension cord. Not only will the use of the wrong extension cord reduce the performance and life of your equipment, it can also become a fire hazard.


Getting the Sharper Edge

The following is a method for knife sharpening that I have been using for some years. You may be able to use this method to improve your knife’s cutting ability.


Tool Corner: Hoof Tester

Most seasoned farriers will agree that a good hoof tester is a must in your shoeing tool collection. When used properly you can determine an area where a hoof has pain. The key thing here is to know how to use them correctly.