Farrier Clinics on the FPD Calendar

Farrier clinics have been a mainstay of the FPD educational contribution to the farrier industry and the calendar for Fall 2011 and early 2012 is already taking shape. For full details you can visit the FPD Calendar to see details of these events and others that may be coming to your area. FPD promotes improvement of everyday shoeing skills and the clinicians are dedicated to sharing their experience and outlook with attendees. The events sponsored by FPD, farrier associations and others in the industry have helped to elevate the level of hoof care and promote continuing education in the industry. If you have comments on past clinics or suggestions for future clinic topics feel free to post your comments here.

farrier - farley

Dave Farley continues the clinic even during breaks.

  • October 8 – Burlington, Wisconsin – Dave Farley at Centaur Forge
  • October 8 – New Holland, PA – Doug Workman at Amsterdam Farrier Supply
  • October 28 – Temecula, CA – Roy Bloom at Empire Farrier Supply
  • November 19 – Waverly, WV – Dave Farley at Meredith Manor Equestrian Centre
  • December 3 – Spotsylvania, VA – Dave Farley for Virginia Horseshoers Association
  • December 10 – Monetta, SC – Roy Bloom at Monetta Farrier Supply / SC Farriers Association


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