Farrier Benefit Scheduled For October

The Indiana Farrier’s Association has scheduled a special benefit clinic to help long time member Brad Menker who has been experiencing health issues that have prevented him from working. There will be various farrier presentations as well as a hands-on forging clinic with 3-time AFA team member, Hank Highfield. There will also be an auction of hand-made and other items with all benefits going to Brad and his family. If you are planning to attend, please bring an auction item with you.


Kerckhaert Triumph

Hind shoe being fit by farrier in a shoeing clinic, using Bloom Forge hot fit tongs

  • October 15, 2011
  • DeBrooke Equine Center
  • 3805 E St Rd 244
  • Rushville, IN 46173
  • Contact Steve Comer, CJF at 765-561-3242 or fivestarforge@hotmail.com for more information.

This event is one of many that the farrier industry has seen- a classic example of the comraderie and generosity of the individuals working in the trade.


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