Fall Farrier Events in Full Swing

Right hoof before
Right front with approx. 12 weeks growth

Farrier clinics and contests fill the fall weekend calendars for many in the industry. FPD is a key sponsor for many of the events and supports the continuing education efforts of the stores and associations that host the events. Check our website calendar for list of events coming to your area.

One of the recent events took place in the New Holland,

clinic foot
Right front after being trimmed and shod

Pennsylvania. Doug Workman, CJF from Cleveland, Georgia shared his ideas and experience with over 150 attendees at the clinic hosted by Amsterdam Farrier Supply. The before and after shots show the improvement he made in the balance of the foot and support he gave it using a farrierproducts brand straight bar shoe.



Clinic balloon

On this beautiful October day there were some hot air balloons in the area that provided some non-work related enjoyment and we caught one in process of landing in a field near the clinic site, passing over a local school on its way down.


Hand made piece by Christian Roy


FPD was also in attendance at an Association event in Quebec- Association de Marechal Ferrants Quebec hosted their annual convention in Bromont, Quebec. Featured speakers were Lionel Bertin from France and Dr. Scott Morrison from the Rood & Riddle clinic in Lexington, KY. As in many association events, there was an auction held to raise funds for the Association and some very nice hand made pieces were offered by members.

If you have any images of hand-made auction items you would like to share with us please email them or add them to your comment.

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