More Farrier Art and Blacksmithing Work

Rasp knife

Mike Corson, full time farrier, has somehow found time to develop his knife making skills- starting with rasps and moving on to high carbon steel

We received a number of emails with images of blacksmithing work done by farriers. It is quite impressive to see the detail in the work done in these blacksmithing pieces, giving us the idea that these same individuals must have their horseshoeing skills refined to the smallest detail as well.

Christian Roy from Quebec provided pictures of a table- highlighted by the roses coming out of the table top.
Rasp Spurs
Tim Caswell from Arizona has created some special spurs- maybe a Valentine’s Day project?

We look forward to comments on the work being done by these farriers and images you may have of your work. Blacksmithing or horseshoeing- at FPD we appreciate the skills and dedication of the craftsmen in the industry.

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