Liberty Nail Range for Farriers Continues to Expand

6 slim horseshoe nails

The Liberty 6 Slim offers one more great option in the Liberty range of high quality nails.

The City 6 Slim and Draft E8XL are the latest additions to Liberty nail range from Kerckhaert. The Liberty brand has developed a lot of momentum as they prove themselves to be flawless, with excellent finish, points and performance. In the near future we should see additional styles, including 6 City, 5 Regular and 3-1/2 Race. Visit our website for more information. Current Liberty Range: 5 Race, 5 Slim, 5 City, 5 Combo, 5 Combo Slim, 6 Slim, E-2 through E-7 Slim., Draft E-8XL, LX-50, LX-55, LX-60.
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