Meader’s 27th Annual Farrier’s Day

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Guest Blog by Josh Johnson of FPD

Recently, I attended Meader’s 27th annual Farrier’s Day Event; an event spread over three days and including a contest, blacksmith clinic and farrier clinic. Roy Bloom and Tom Willoughby were the AAPF sponsored clinicians for the event. On the first day of the event, the Southern New England Farrier’s Association held a shoeing competition with approximately 15 farriers participating and Roy and Tom as judges.

The following day, Roy and Tom held a blacksmith clinic in which they used a Big Blu power hammer demonstrating various techniques. They began the clinic by making one of Tom’s famous anvil vultures and then complimented the piece by making a tree. With the legendary banter and stories, the morning passed quickly. In the afternoon, everyone was able to see the completion of the tree and watch as these two extraordinarily talented men used a power hammer to make a bowl.

On the last day of the Meader event attendees enjoyed the annual clinic and special discounts on purchases. Vendors were set up in a tent near the main building and there was a steady flow of activity all day. The FPD booth saw a great deal of interest in the newLiberty hammers. The Kerckhaert DF shoe series was a very popular shoe for farriers in the area. Overall, it was an excellent turnout with positive feedback for the entire event.

A special thanks to everyone at Meader’s for all of their hard work in putting together this wonderful event and for their hospitality. Everyone always looks forward to this annual event.




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