Keeping Up in Tough Times

By Dan Burke

There’s no doubt the system and some good equipment helps us get the job done well.

We had inquiries in recent weeks about how FPD will handle the challenges of servicing our customers and the farrier industry with the complications of the Covid19 Pandemic. Of course we start by asking that everyone, everywhere do everything possible to stay healthy and safe, and help keep your families, customers and others the same.

We and most of the FPD Dealers have been allowed to continue controlled operations as a result of our roles in the agricultural and animal health industries. Our staff is using common sense and abiding by health directives from our Governor in order to be able to continue. We feel fortunate, but at the same time cautious as we know this can change.

FPD has always worked with a common sense approach to inventory control, using sophisticated software to assist; as do our vendors here and abroad. We don’t work with “just in time” as a goal- though we do work to maximize turnover as any business should. Our approach has proven for 30 years that you can be the best (ask any FPD dealer who their most reliable vendor is), simply by using common sense and good planning. We expect to be able to continue to supply the market with Kerckhaert shoes from Holland and their other production facilities, Liberty nails and many other lines like the Bellota rasps and hand tools. Have a look at some images from our warehouse and you’ll get a sense of what over 2 million horseshoes, 26 million horseshoe nails and tens of thousands of rasps look like. Containers and truck shipments are coming and going from our warehouse and the factories are operating at levels necessary to keep us stocked.

So let’s not worry about availability of our products, just use every caution in whatever you are doing to avoid getting or spreading the virus- and always take care of your people. If you ever come through our area- please call and plan a visit (after all the current pandemic conditions are over). As always, thanks for your support.

Inventory planning – it is a never-ending process, but it is how the FPD purchasing staff keeps us out of stock level problems.

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