Back on the Road: Carefully

by Dan Burke

Like many people everywhere the FPD sales team has been off the road, but we are now planning some trips for “small group” visits. Last week I ventured out on a cross-country trip and wanted to share some photos along the way. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see any pictures of product on store shelves; this trip had a lot more interesting stuff going on as I drove across the US.

I sure didn’t get carried away with the feeling of freedom – no sit down restaurants or pool parties for me! Just amazing scenery, meals bought at grocery store delis, etc..🌅 If you have a few days away from work, getting out and about in your state and enjoying the beautiful country we live in might be a great break from hanging close to home.

There’s serious stuff going on, it’s no joke or hoax and we advise plenty of social distancing and just plain being smart, but the path I took from Kentucky to California made that pretty easy to work out.

We are very fortunate to be in an industry that has been relatively stable and kept going through these past couple months. Thank you for the work you do – you are appreciated! Enjoy the photos from my trip below and view captions on our Facebook Page @farrierproductdistribution.

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