Liberty Cu E-4 Slim - 250 Piece Box

In addition to all of the same great features of the regular Liberty nail, Liberty Cu horseshoe nails include Copper (Cu) Shield Technology. This technology provides more protection than traditional horseshoe nails. Hoof wall, white line and sole are stronger and healthier when Liberty Cu nails are used on a daily basis. The Copper(Cu) Shield Technology is unique to Kerckhaert and Liberty Cu horseshoe nails.

  • Packaged in strong plastic storage box
  • Excellent material and finish
  • Accurate bevels and points
  • Excellent quality
  • Made with Cu Shield Technology
  • Hoof/horn quality improves
  • No rust or wear inside the hoof wall
  • Consistency in quality
  • Cu Shield Technology eliminates rust and deterioration of nail strength
  • Finish and points enable smooth driving
  • Material is optimum for clinching
  • Outstanding results
  • Great fit
  • Stronger, healthier hooves
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