Kerckhaert SX-7 Heartbar 2 F QC

These bar shoes are fabricated using Kerckhaert shoes and the same steel for the bars. The SX-7 is the lighter shoe in the series and commonly used in the quarter horse and light horse market. The SX-8 is used in a variety of disciplines.

  • SX-8 and SX-7 available in front shapes with clips
  • Heart Bar insert is one piece for stability
  • Creased and punched for city/slim nail
  • Made using high quality Kerckhaert shoes
  • Crease allows for easy nail removal
  • Good for support when soft tissue or laminitic problems are present
  • Pre-made; saving time
  • Cost effective
  • Quality punching and shapes
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Material: Steel
Size: 2
Discipline: Therapeutic
Pattern: Front
Clips: Quarter Clipped
FIA Inches: 18-3/4
Length (IN): 6-1/4
Width (IN): 5-3/8
Width at Toe (mm): 20.5mm
Weight: 1.11
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