Tradition Flush Toe Hind Toe Clipped

An option for shoeing styles and feet that require a narrower pattern than the Kings. The main design differences are the shape, a slight taper in the width from toe to heel, a nail pattern that is spread and punched slightly finer.

  • Radius Toe Clip
  • High quality aluminum
  • Nail pattern spread and punched finer than Kings - 6 nails to a side
  • Slight taper in width from toe to heel
  • Narrower pattern than Kings
  • HISA Compliant
  • Nail hole placement provide many options for nailing
  • Strong material results in fewer sprung, bent, or spread shoes to fix
  • Slight taper in width from toe to heel provides a better fit for narrower feet with less work
  • The strong “Radius” Clips provide added security without taking away from the shoe
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