Kerckhaert Synergy XT 5 H

This Kerckhaert shoe is available with an XT insert only (2mm). Hind shoes are also available with a toe clip.

  • Hinds are also available with toe clips
  • Good nail hole placement
  • High quality aluminum
  • Eases problems that arise from too much traction on synthetic surfaces
  • 2mm Toe Grab
  • Strong material results in fewer sprung, bent, or spread shoes to fix
  • High quality aluminum provides increased wear
  • Good shapes save fitting time
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Material: Aluminum
Size: 5
Discipline: Race
Pattern: Hind
Clips: Unclipped
FIA Inches: 12-5/8
Length (IN): 4-3/4
Width (IN): 4-3/4
Thickness (mm): 8.5 mm
Recommended Nail: 3.5 Race, 3.5 Race XL
Other Nail Options: 4.5 Race
Cu or Regular or Both: B
Weight: 0.23
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