Outer Rim 6 F (30)

This Kerckhaert aluminum shoe is often referred to as a Standardbred pattern because of its narrower, longer shape. This shoe is also used successfully on Thoroughbreds.

  • Sandblast finish
  • Good heel finish
  • Built-in sole relief
  • Available in unclipped or toe clipped
  • Deeper nail hole punching
  • High strength aluminum
  • 2mm toe insert
  • The punching is slightly deeper to get good nailing
  • Stronger material – fewer bent, spread or sprung shoes to fix
  • Nail placement allows for more options
  • Shape saves fitting time
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Material: Aluminum
Size: 6
Discipline: Standardbred
Pattern: Front
Clips: Unclipped
FIA Inches: 13-3/8
Length (IN): 5
Width (IN): 5
Thickness (mm): 10.5mm
Recommended Nail: 4.5 Race
Cu or Regular or Both: B
Weight: 0.24
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