Kerckhaert Classic Roller 1 F TC

A Kerckhaert Half Round style, this shoe has more ground surface than a true half round. The Classic Rollers are available in quarter clipped or toe clipped front, and side clipped hind.

  • Punched for E-heads
  • V-Crease
  • Fronts are symmetrical
  • Broad toe front shape
  • Half round with more surface area than a typical half round
  • Shape allows for ease of fitting
  • Clipped shoe saves time at the anvil
  • Radius clips don’t weaken the shoe
  • Higher quality steel allows for better wear
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Material: Steel
Size: 1
Discipline: English, Jumpers, Eventers
Pattern: Front
Clips: Toe Clipped
FIA Inches: 14 1/4
Length (IN): 5 1/4
Width (IN): 5 3/8
Thickness (mm): 8mm
Recommended Nail: Hybrid 4, E4 Slim
Other Nail Options: LX-55
Cu or Regular or Both: B
Weight: 0.92
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