Osage Orange – for anyone curious about farrier use of Hedgeapples

farrierly trivia

The fruit of the Osage Orange tree. Image from www.hedgeapple.com

Jerry Pennington caught me off guard when he told me the handle of the knife he made came from the wood of a hedgeapple tree (Osage Orange). I’ve seen hedgeapples in my life so I knew what he was referring to, but I never gave any thought to the possible uses for the fruit or even less the wood. I always thought of them as interesting and something to be careful not to step on, but not so useful.

Apparently I should have done some research. After posting the info about Jerry’s knife, I thought there might be some questions to be answered. Knowing I likely wouldn’t have the answers, I searched the web. As expected, the answers are out there. One site in particular might answer all the questions you ever had about the hedgeapple, and then some. Visit www.hedgeapple.com  for great trivia- no doubt you’ll be able to impress your friends with the info.

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