Farrier Clinic in South Georgia

Mike Chance and audience

Farriers attending the East Coast Horseshoe Supply clinic are checking out the shoeing job of Mike Chance, APF CJF, who is watching in the background.

FPD sponsored a shoeing clinic in Perry, Ga this past weekend at the East Coast Horseshoe Supply facility. Like most clinics sponsored by FPD, everyday work and sound principles of hoof trim and shoe fit were the featured topics. Mike Chance, APF CJF, from Tioga, Texas held the attention of the group with some excellent work and advice.

Standard Extra

Hind foot shod by Mike Chance using Kerckhaert Standard Extra and Liberty 5 Slim nails.

One of the interesting bits of information for the weekend came not from the clinic itself but from the search for the location in Google. We searched for 2235 Hwy 41, Perry, GA and up popped a site- Perry Haunted Barn– at the same location as the farrier supply shop. Turns out that Jimmy and Piper Steffen, owners of East Coast Horseshoe Supply have been developing what has to be one of the best “haunts” to be found in the region. You should visit their website to get a sense of what it’s all about. It seems that this has become quite a community project each year and funds raised go to a number of community projects. In addition, canned foods are brought by those coming for the experience and donated to a homeless  center. Quite amazing that Jimmy, longtime Standardbred farrier, and his wife Piper who manages the farrier supply shop can dedicate so much time and hard work into this project. We have it on our calendar to visit the first time we are in the Perry area in October!

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