Farrier Product’s Sales Team Strengthened

Already, 2012 has been a busy year for Farrier Product Distribution as we continue to implement our plans to strengthen customer service and our sales program.    The changes have been met with enthusiasm from our dealers and our staff.

Early in the year an expansion of the warehouse and office space was completed and Rob Logsdon joined the sales team in January.  Rob is from Lawrenceburg, KY and has a solid equine background.  With five months of FPD sales work under his belt, including trade shows at the Hoof Care Summit and American Farrier’s Association Convention, Rob will be giving special attention to the FPD customer base in the southern US market.

Farrier product sales

Katlynn Sacco and Rob Logsdon have joined the FPD sales staff in 2012. This is one of the latest steps forward for the FPD team, following an expansion of office and warehouse space in 2012.

Katlynn Sacco, originally from NY state but living in Kentucky now, also joined the team recently. She has a good equine background, having shown horses and worked with the feed and vet side of the equine industry since completing her degree work in Equine Business Administration. She will be working closely with FPD accounts in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the US and eastern Canada.

Look for one or more of the FPD Sales Staff to be at events in your region in the near future. They’ll be glad to help you with all things related to the Farrier Product Distribution program.

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