Educational Programs for Farriers

Farrier clinics

Mike Wildenstein, former head of the Farrier Program at Cornell University has joined the FPD group of clinicians promoting continuing education in the farrier industry.

FPD has been fortunate to have a solid list of farrier clinicians dedicated to improving the skills and education of farriers throughout North America. Recently, we have added a well known and respected name to that list. Mike Wildenstein, CJF, FWCF, (Hons), has agreed to come on board to help us with the company goal of supporting and providing opportunities for continuing education and development.

KHS classroom

MIke Wildenstein preparing to do a partial hoof dissection for class at the Kentucky Horseshoeing School

Mike has a long list of credentials and backs it up with each program he participates in. This week he spoke to a group of students at Kentucky Horseshoeing School in Richmond, KY. KHS is one of the leading school programs in the US and often brings in outside speakers to supplement the curriculum offered at the school.

You can expect to see Mike at many of the dealer events sponsored by FPD, as well as programs such as the Hoof Care Summit and other educational venues. We certainly feel fortunate to have him working with our team.

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