Hoof Problems and Farrier Observation


Bottom of foot

There are couple of indicators of problems with the balance of this foot. Toe crack and stretched white line are the two most obvious. How would you approach the shoe fit for the foot? See any other issues? Email us at fpd@farrierproducts.com

The upcoming issue of the Natural Angle has a section dealing with observations farriers have to make with every horse they work on. This may become a regular section for the Natural Angle and we hope readers will feel free to comment and give their own view of images that will be in the articles.

Dave Farley and Roy Bloom have a DVD for the farrier market that covers their ideas of things to view before deciding how to go forward with hoof prep, shoe choice and shoe fit. Many farriers have developed similar checklists. “The 12 Points of Reference, Balancing the Equine Hoof” helps to encapsulate a solid approach to the challenge of doing a good job of balancing the foot and applying shoes that help when trimming alone won’t resolve the issues they are faced with.

Feel free to send comments or questions to fpd@farrierproducts.com

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