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Fullering Technique: Crossover or Inline?

Roy Bloom talked with us about fullering or creasing styles in forging or modifying shoes. This conversation was precipitated by some steel handled tools that were damaged and returned for inspection. It has also been a topic in Roy’s clinics … Continue reading

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Best Practices and Results for Application of Vettec Adhesives

by Larkin Greene The increased moisture and lower temperatures associated with Winter and Spring present significant challenges to successful adhesive applications.  Adhesives prefer warm and dry, along with clean. Anyone who regularly picks up a horse’s foot knows that none … Continue reading

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Clipping Shoes Using the Edge of the Anvil

by Roy Bloom, CJF Let’s start with a few basic ideas on clips. In order for a clip to be effective it must have a stout base and taper to the tip. A rule of thumb; the clip should be … Continue reading

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Proper Vettec 210 Cartridge Tip Application

There have been a number of questions from individuals who were not aware of the proper mounting of tips on the Vettec 210 cartridges. Below are some images to help clear up any questions you may have. Be sure to … Continue reading

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Winter Traction Tips

by Bob Schantz Winter can create traction problems for horses, and therefore for farriers charged with their care. Care should be used when deciding how much traction is needed. Excessive traction can create torque to the limbs, too little allows … Continue reading

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Power Up: Power Cord Tips

If your tools and electric motors are getting hot and you are connecting them with an extension cord, it is a possible sign that you have the wrong gauge extension cord. Not only will the use of the wrong extension … Continue reading

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Basic Shoeing: Shoeing The Roping Horse

by Mike Chance, CJF There are as many ways to shoe roping horses as there are horses. Each one is unique, with its own strengths and weaknesses. A sound horse with good conformation, in a desirable environment, would do well … Continue reading

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Tool Corner: Hoof Tester

by Dave Farley, CF APF-I Most seasoned farriers will agree that a good hoof tester is a must in your shoeing tool collection. When used properly you can determine an area where a hoof has pain. The key thing here … Continue reading

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E-Tabs Offering Alternative Shoe Application

Dustin McCuan of Ethos E-Tabs came to Kentucky recently to demonstrate the application of his “hybrid” shoe concept. He has worked for many years on the race track and in development of the E-Tab system. It offers an alternative to … Continue reading

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Bloom Forge Tips For Anvil Prep

Roy Bloom, AAPF CJF recently put together a number of tool tips with video and still shots that will be added to the FPD Field Guide. This work is a continuation of our effort to produce and post useful how … Continue reading

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