New Phase for FPD Farrier Info

Farrier info for Web

Mike Wildenstein applying Kerckhaert DF Grand Prix lateral support hind shoe.

Mike Wildenstein, CJF, FWCF (hons) recently signed on with FPD to help with our clinic program. We have been planning other ways to promote education in the farrier industry and Mike’s involvement will be a key to providing ideas and material for that effort.

Front hoof

Front hoof being fit for a Kerckhaert Classic Roller, one of a number of shoe options from Kerckhaert that can enhance breakover. Another shoe considered for the front end of this horse was the Steel Comfort.

We recently spent 2 days working on video footage for a series of clips on the fundamentals involved in shoeing a horse. The footage also begins to detail the wide range of professional products FPD supplies to the market. The initial phase of this work is basic and will cover information that practicing farriers are likely to be familiar with. The plan is to set the foundation first and build from that point. We’re confident Mike’s experience as an educator will provide good guidance as we go forward and the results will be solid.

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