Farriers Gather for World Horseshoeing Classic Contest

anvil work

Mark Lieser (in foreground) and Jake Engler from Texas, working on draft shoes the second day of the competition.

The World Horseshoeing Classic contest was held recently at the Kentucky Horseshoeing School in Richmond, KY. Fifteen 4 person teams competed over the three days of the event, setting a new entry record for the contest.

FPD was glad to be able to help with the sponsorship of the event giving direct financial support and providing Liberty nails for the live shoeing work.

Draft shoe application by Team Wales on second day of competition.

World Horseshoeing Classic results:   1. Team Wales    2. Team Cat 6   3. Team WCB          4. Team Calgary Stampede   5. Team Vettec   6. Team AFT     7. Team Ib Jessen                   8. Team Pro Farrier Supply   9. Team Montana Farrier Supply   10. Team Anvil Brand Ranch   11. Team  Fruit of the Bloom   12. Team Texas   13. Team The Edge   14. Team Justin Tools   15. Team Billy’s Boys


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