Forging Basics 101 with Roy Bloom

Farrier technique

Using the hammer to line up the forepunch- more efficient and also a way to avoid heat build up in the punch, helping to prevent damage to the tool.

Roy Bloom clinis

Roy creating the toe bend, working on the face of the anvil to avoid stock distortion. Balanced stance helps to manage hammer strokes.

Roy Bloom, APF, CJF recently did a hands-on clinic with a group of farriers in Amarillo, Texas. Organized by John Harshbarger of Ranchers Supply, the group gathered at Garry Smith’s shop and Roy worked through the fundamentals of making a plain stamped shoe, use of the creaser, drawing clips and other forging steps.

Roy has a number of forging videos (Hot Iron Productions) available to the market and has been on the road for over 20 years sharing his experience and techniques. The net result of this educational effort is the improvement in skills and understanding of steps involved in basic forging projects. There are not many areas in North America that haven’t benefitted from Roy’s expertise. Keep the FPD calendar bookmarked to see when and where Roy and other clinicians will be performing in the future.

Forging tool

The new Nail Layout Tool from Bloom Forge makes locating the toe nail position a piece of cake. You can find this handy tool at FPD dealers.



The group attending the hands-on came from far and wide- Texas, Arizona, Ontario and elsewhere to draw from Roy’s expertise to improve their skills. FPD is fortunate to have a long list of farriers like Roy to help with the continuing education effort that has tremendous benefits for farriers, the horses they work on and the industry in general. You can find many examples of the work done by this group by visiting the FPD website and exploring the Natural Angle, video and the recently added webinar archives. Don’t pass up a chance to participate in these live events hosted by FPD dealers throughout North America.

Tools for farriers

Roy demonstrates the proper position for the fire tongs to have a secure hold when forging the branches of the shoe on the anvil horn.  Better grip & leverage when stock is locked against the base of the tong head.

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