What is it Like Shoeing a Million Dollar Horse?

Guest Blog by Rob Logsdon, FPD, Inc.

Lexington, Kentucky is largely considered the “Horse Capital of the World” because of the numerous horse farms, Keeneland Racecourse and Keeneland Association Thoroughbred Auctions. From September 10 to 23, Keeneland is hosting their September Yearling Sale, recognized as the top horse sale in the world. To date, the 2018 September Yearling Sale has sold 26 horses for $1,000,000 or more. The 2018 sale topper was a $2.4 million yearling shod by Brandon Coats, CJF for Hill ‘n’ Dale Sales Agency.

Sale yearlings awaiting Kerckhaert DR 15×7 shoes.

Brandon Coats, CJF fitting Kerckhaert Kings Plate.

I recently visited with Brandon and farrier Mick Maynard while they were working at Stonereath Stud. The yearlings they were shoeing with various Kerckhaert horseshoes (DR 15×7 and Kings Aluminum) are to be sold this weekend at the Keeneland sales. Brandon explained that the majority of his work is for breeding farms, specific to selling horses and that he typically begins when the yearlings are babies. The farrier is the first line of defense in regards to a horse’s conformation and for the first two months these babies are evaluated and trimmed every 8 to 14 days. After two months the farm manager, farrier and vet review the farrier’s notes and devise a plan for the horse.

When a horse is a yearling, their trimming schedule typically is extended to every three weeks until they are sold. The ultimate goal is to sell these yearlings for the highest price possible. There is a saying in Lexington, “breed the best to the best and hope for the best.” There is a lot of work, time and luck involved with these million-dollar babies. The farrier is instrumental and invaluable for these horses to reach their full potential in the sales arena.

Most of the yearlings sold are fitted with the Kerckhaert DR 15×7 steel shoes. The shape, fit and nail punching make this the preferred horseshoe for sale yearlings. The Kerckhaert Kings Plate Aluminum will be used if the yearling needs a lighter and wider web horseshoe.

Watch a video of Brandon Coats, CJF and Mick Maynard Getting Ready for Keeneland Yearling Sale on FPD’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FarrierProductDistribution/videos/259740484678735/

To learn more about the Keeneland Sales, visit http://keeneland.com/sales.

Kerckhaert is the shoe of choice.


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