The Busy Season is Not Over

You are still in the peak season, it’s still hot and there is a lot of work to do. Sound about right? One thing you don’t want to deal with is unreliable product or supply! FPD is staying fully stocked with our major products, like Liberty Nails (including 5 Combo Slim), Bellota Rasps and Kerckhaert Horseshoes, (including the Standard series). It’s called a supply chain for a reason and you depend on a good one with no broken links. If the product is not getting to you now it’s a broken system and this is definitely not the time for that to happen. If you are looking for reliability – check with your FPD dealer for options you can count on. There is a lot of pressure on the suppliers to keep up with demand but we have what you need and are shipping every day to our dealers.

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