A Farrier’s Choice of Products – Value Added

Crease and nails
The V crease design of the Kerckhaert shoes has been one of the key selling points throughout their history. Optimal nail fit providing security and precise nailing are the result.

The next issue of FPD’s Natural Angle will feature an article discussing the selection of shoes and nails and their importance to the quality of work. It’s undoubtedly the skill of the farrier in regards to foot prep and shoe fit that can make the most difference, but choice of products is often the “icing on the cake” of a good shoeing job. If you aren’t already receiving the Natural Angle, you can contact FPD and request a copy of the upcoming issue- it’s guaranteed to give you something to think about.

farrier choice

The nail to the left has "flash" that will keep it from seating as well as the nail to the right that is more precisely produced. The Liberty line of nails from Kerckhaert have the precision and consistency that allows for best nail fit and security.

Every clinician FPD has sponsored through the years stresses the importance of good hoof prep, shoe fit and shoe and nail selection. The Natural Angle article will discuss the basic differences between a V crease shoe and the typical U shaped, flat bottom crease and how they impact the application of shoes to attain a high level of proficiency. In addition, there will be a reference to the importance of selecting the highest quality nail to maximize the effectiveness of the shoeing job. You can visit the FPD site or Kerckhaert site to get more information on products available to the market.

Farrier choice for nail position

The toe nail exit hole indicates a problem that is typical for shoes with flat bottom creases- early exit often causes damage to the wall or a less secure shoe.

Hoof nailing

The line of these nails are partially a result of having a shoe that has a V crease that allows for variations in the angle when nailing. Notice the height of the toe nail is in line with the other nails- with no damage to the wall.

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