The Season is off to a Great Start in Wellington, Florida

Guest Blogger Rob Logsdon

It was a great start to the season in Florida as top horses and farriers once again arrived in Wellington. I had the good fortune to spend a couple of days with top professional farriers in Wellington before attending the Palm Beach Farrier Supply Breakfast.

James Gilchrist, Jason Phillips, Erik Goltzene, and Ben Marshall Disscuss Shoe Modification

James Gilchrist, Jason Phillips, Erik Goltzene, and Ben Marshall Discuss Shoe Modification.

I really appreciated the opportunity to watch these talented farriers at work. It always gives me insight into why they choose the Kerckhaert brand.

Modified Kerckhaert SX8 with leatherpad.

Modified Kerckhaert SX8 with leather pad.

Because of the various shoeing styles, and the horse’s needs, Kerckhaert offers a full range of shoes that gives these professional farriers options. Whether it’s the toe and heel width of the Meister or the DF select, or the breakover of the Classic Roller, Kerckhaert offers the styles and sizes they need. Tim Cable, John Favicchia, Mike Wharton, John Sato, James Gilchrist, Jason Phillips, Erik Goltzene, Ben Marshall and Joe Brock were all kind enough to let me photograph their work and share some of those photos here. All of these guys are dedicated to their profession and, I am happy to say, “Loyal Kerckhaert users.”

The Palm Beach Farrier Supply Breakfast is always a favorite of the farriers and, once again, Joy and Eric did a fantastic job with the food and hospitality. The farriers enjoyed a great breakfast and watched a presentation on Kerckhaert, as well as a video from the FPD/Mike Wildenstein series “Anatomy of the Hoof.”

Dustin McCuan, founder of ETHOS E-Tabs introduced his Hybrid Horseshoes and discussed the benefits of these shoes. The farriers were given an opportunity to view his website and ask questions regarding the application and removal process for these shoes.

Any time farriers can gather at events like this there is a valuable exchange of ideas and experiences. I know I always come away feeling like I have information I can share with everyone at FPD and Kerckhaert; allowing us to enhance our products and services.

Mike Wharton Modifies a Kerckhaert DF Front to a French Roller.

Mike Wharton modifies a Kerckhaert DF Front to a French Roller.

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