E-Tabs Offering Alternative Shoe Application

Kerckhaert & E-Tabs

Ethos uses Kerckhaert shoes to ensure best performance of the E-Tab system. This is a Tradition race plate being fit before the glue process begins.

Dustin McCuan of Ethos E-Tabs came to Kentucky recently to demonstrate the application of his “hybrid” shoe concept. He has worked for many years on the race track and in development of the E-Tab system. It offers an alternative to nailing, especially for those horses with wall damage or internal issues that make nailing a painful experience.

Ethos E-Tabs

Ethos E-Tabs


The beauty of the Ethos system is the relatively simple process. The key to success is the superior Tab or “clip” design that is welded to a superior shoe (Kerckhaert). This allows a minimal amount of glue to secure the shoe to the foot, without having to glue in the heel area where it might restrict function of the foot. The acrylic glue is applied to the ground surface of the shoe in the toe quarters and behind the E-Tab after fitting. It’s then applied to the foot and wrapped so it can set.

The E-Tab stickers are placed on the wall once the first glue application has set. The “bed” that is created with the sticker is then filled with the acrylic, flush with the stickers, wrapped an allowed to set. Once it has set, it’s a quick process to pull the foam sticker off and finish the edges of the acrylic. What you have in the end is a very effective alternative to nailing. The step by step process is laid out on the Ethos website and you can contact them for technical support.


Gluing E-Tab

The first glue step involves application of the glue to the shoe and tabs, then placement on the foot and removal of excess glue before wrapping and setting on the ground for the set time.

Ethos E-Tab Glue Patch Sticker

The glue patch stickers are applied to the wall, minimizing the amount of glue that makes contact with the wall and providing a good guide for thickness of the glue. You are only filling the void of the sticker.


A minimal amount of Glue is necessary for Ethos E-Tabs

You can see that only a minimal amount of glue over the tab is necessary to finish the job and have a secure result.

Glue is set!

The glue has set, the sticker is removed and now it is simply a matter of beveling the edges and smoothing the glue area.



















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