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Farriers in WCB Competition – Madison, WI

  Early morning preparation of the coke fires for the WCB competition rig. Craig Trnka has been working for months to get this mobile rig set to go for the first event of the season and it looks like his … Continue reading

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Farrier Modifications of Horseshoes

We recently had Mike Wildenstein come by the shop and spend some time doing some shoe modifications using Kerckhaert Standard and Standard Extra shoes. There are a lot of shoes in the market now with modifications that are already built … Continue reading

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This is What We’re Talking About in the Farrier Trade

We just received the comment below from Jesse Silverman on an earlier post regarding our project to bring more educational material to the industry and Mike Wildenstein’s involvement in that effort. I think it sums up how a lot of people see … Continue reading

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New Phase for FPD Farrier Info

Mike Wildenstein, CJF, FWCF (hons) recently signed on with FPD to help with our clinic program. We have been planning other ways to promote education in the farrier industry and Mike’s involvement will be a key to providing ideas and material … Continue reading

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Hoof Problems and Farrier Observation

  The upcoming issue of the Natural Angle has a section dealing with observations farriers have to make with every horse they work on. This may become a regular section for the Natural Angle and we hope readers will feel … Continue reading

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American Farriers Journal Article Cites Kerckhaert Horseshoes and Liberty Nails

  The following excerpt is reprinted from the article Sport Horses with permission from the American Farriers Journal.  Originally published in the July/August 2012 Hoof Care For The Performance Horse: An AFJ Special Report, the author of the article is … Continue reading

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Educational Programs for Farriers

FPD has been fortunate to have a solid list of farrier clinicians dedicated to improving the skills and education of farriers throughout North America. Recently, we have added a well known and respected name to that list. Mike Wildenstein, CJF, … Continue reading

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Summer’s End – Farrier Clinic Season Begins

It is the last of August and an unusually hot and brutal summer is coming to a close. Each year the end of summer is mourned by those who dread the eventual onset of winter. On the other hand, fall … Continue reading

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Challenging Conditions for Farriers

    A recent trip to central Oregon brought to mind some comments made by farriers shoeing in the west about the world of working ranch, pack and trail horses. It is a completely different shoeing challenge than that of the average show horse … Continue reading

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A Farrier’s Choice of Products – Value Added

The V crease design of the Kerckhaert shoes has been one of the key selling points throughout their history. Optimal nail fit providing security and precise nailing are the result. The next issue of FPD’s Natural Angle will feature an … Continue reading

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